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EVICTIONS: As a landlord, what happens when a tenant doesn't pay rent? What type of notice must you send? Can you ask for late fees, attorney's fees, or utilities? As a tenant, what happens when you are served with a 5-Day or 30-Day Notice? What happens if you can't pay rent? What happens when at court? Speak with our attorneys to learn about your rights and obligations.

EVICTIONS AFTER FORECLOSURE: Persons remaining in a home after a sale are called Hold-Over tenants. Did you know that you have to sue in Superior court to evict a hold over tenant? Is superior court a much longer process? Does it cost more?

WARRANTIES OF SALE: So you've bought or are thinking of buying a home but you're not sure if what the seller said is true. What can you do? How can you make sure if the proper permits were granted? How can you be sure if the structures are properly situated on the land? And what happens of you bought a home that has a defect that the seller did not tell you about?

The rights you have in a land-sale contract are complex and detailed. Miller Shaw attorneys understand the present and future warranties in a land sale contract and can help you decide what action to take. 

Landlord Tenant Law

Miller Shaw, PLLC, represents a large majority of property management companies in the Prescott Quad-City area. We represent many individual property owners and a large number of high capacity apartment complexes.Miller Shaw has vast experience in representing property owners in all possible property disputes and will be able to assist with most any issue. 

Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 33, governs landlord tenant law. This comprehensive and ever-changing set of laws can be a maze of obligations for landlords and a source of frustration for tenants. The Miller Shaw, PLLC attorneys at law are the only real estate lawyers you need.

FORECLOSURES: The attorneys at Miller Shaw have years of experience helping clients avoid liability during a foreclosure. It's important to know your rights when a bank or lien holder institutes a foreclosure. Will you be responsible for any overages? What if it's not your primary residence? What if you lease the home being foreclosed? When would you be responsible for money if there is not enough equity to pay off loans?

Real Estate Law

All of these questions can be answered by the attorneys at Miller Shaw, PLLC. We will take the time to explain the landlord tenant law and how it affects your business or your life. Miller Shaw, PLLC represents land owners and property management companies all over Yavapai County not just the Prescott Quad-City Area. 

EASEMENTS: Often times clients need help getting access to their property. Other times they need help preventing others from crossing their land. Easements are a legal right to use the land of another for a specific purpose. Some easements are for vehicle access where others are for laying utility lines. What happens if you prevent someone from using their easement? What rights do you have if they prevent you from using yours?