FORMING A CONTRACT: There are several requirements needed to form a contract. The parties need to come to a clear understanding of the negotiated terms, considerations, and remedies of the contract. There are specific laws in Arizona for forming contracts. Some contracts may be oral, some may be in writing, and others must be in writing.  Our attorneys can help you plan for entering into a contract, negotiate the terms of a contract, and draft the contract.

SETTLEMENT NEGOTIATIONS: If you wish to avoid a lawsuit, a contract required arbitration or some other alternative dispute resolution method, our attorneys can assist you in forming a settlement plan, attend settlement conferences or arbitrations with you, and help you either follow through with the settled agreement or file an appeal.

Manage your business with a professional.

We are experienced in litigating contract disputes and will help you navigate the court process of submitting your claim, discovering evidence, and going to trial. Contact Robert Miller about your legal questions and let us help you gain clarity.

LITIGATING A BREACH OF CONTRACT: Breach of contract is where one party fails to follow through with his or her obligation under the contract's terms. Sometimes it's unclear whether someone is in breach. When is the right time to sue for breach of contract? What are your remedies? Can you only sue for what's in the contract or are there other damages available by law? What about attorneys fees?

FILING A LAW SUIT: One remedy generally available to a contracting party not in breach is to file a lawsuit. The amount of damages requested may determine the court in which the lawsuit is filed. Different courts can have an impact on the speed at which the lawsuit progresses.

Business is based on contracts. Contracts are made everyday whether you realize it or not. Contracts range from simple transactions like buying a book at a bookstore to developing a 50,000 square-foot multiple unit business complex.

For the business professional a properly drafted contract is crucial to success. A contract secures rights, cements obligations, provides remedies, contemplates termination, and secures finances.

Negotiating a contract can be a straight forward process when dealing with a business partner, contractor, or when entering into a joint venture. However, you want to ensure that a contract provides sufficient protection from foreseeable negative consequences and that's where our attorneys can serve you best. 

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