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WILL: A will is a legal document that describes how you would like your assets distributed after your passing. Wills can be simple or complex and can cover many types of assets. LIVING WILL: A living will is a directive, made by you, telling healthcare providers and loved ones you wishes concerning your health and life when you can't tell them yourself. This is a very important document that can relieve the pressure and stress from your family in case a time comes when a crucial decision about your life is needed. You can help make that decision for them and remove any notions of guilt, hesitation or indecision. PLANNING AHEAD: The time to plan for the future is now. There is no reason to leave your family in limbo regarding your personal items, real property, or those sentimental family heirlooms.

TRUST: A trust is a entity unto itself that can hold property for the benefit of others, run by someone you choose. A trust has many benefits over a will and can be up running in short order. A trust has such a wide variety of benefits that it's impossible to list them here. For a detailed conversation about the benefits of a Trust, please call.

INSURANCE BENEFITS: Insurance benefits are a form of security that pay out on the occurrence of some specific event. These benefits can either come to you, your loved one, your trust, a charity, or just about anyone else you designate.

Robert Miller is well versed in providing their clients with future-planning advice. Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, Estate Plans, and Insurance Benefits are separate legal instruments that provide a person like you with assurance that your wishes will be carried out. These instruments give you piece of mind today and a future with certainty. 

The time to set up an estate plan, will, living will, and trust is today.

Make an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys and let us help you plan for the future and protect your family and friends.

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The big question is, how can I protect my family in case something happens to me?