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Deciding to file for divorce, establish paternity, request child support, or modify visitation? There are many common questions you likely have. Our attorneys can help you gain clarity and take the fear out of the court process.

Have you already discussed the matter with the other person? Have you tried to work things out? Can you get help from the court to resolve these matters amicably? You can.

Before you or your spouse file for divorce there are several ways you can address family issues. You can talk to your spouse. You can talk to your family. You can talk to a marriage counselor. You can talk to your religious care groups. However, if your family issues remain, it may be time to talk to an attorney. 

Even if your spouse filed for divorce and you've been served with papers, it not too late to work things out. The Arizona Courts will allow the parties time to try to mediate the matter through informal conciliation and mediation proceedings before heading to trial. Even if the divorce was filed, but later you and your spouse work out the issues troubling your marriage, whom ever filed may dismiss the divorce petition and you both can get on with your lives, together.

If you need to find a lawyer in Prescott or Yavapai County, Arizona contact Bryan Shaw about your legal questions and let me help you gain clarity.

You certainly don't want to take seemingly helpful advice along the way only to realize, too late, that you need actual court representation by a licensed attorney.

Bryan Shaw will help you through an amicable divorce or get you ready for your day in court. Either way I will be there with you all the way.

Family law can be difficult. We can help.

Whether you have a simple marriage and need only a little guidance in starting the process, or a complex marital estate, minor children, pension plans, or other major concerns, our attorneys are ready to assist.

Our attorneys can help you settle property issues with a property settlement agreement. Our attorneys can help you come to a mutual child visitation plan through mediation or conference with your spouse and their attorney. And of course, if your spouse is unwilling to agree, only a licensed attorney can represent you at trial.